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年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
1977 23 Mamoru Kaneko A Bilateal Monopoly and the Nash Solution
1977 22 Atsuyuki Okabe Population dynamics of Cities in a Region: Conditions for the Simultaneously Growing State
1977 21 Hajime Eto Evaluation Model of Distribution Sector in Decentralized Ecinimy
1977 20 Haruo Ohnishi On the Existence and Uniquess of a Solution to an Operational Spatial Net Social Quasi-Welfare Maximization Problem
1977 19 Koichi Mera & Hiroshi Ueno Population Factors in Planning of Sub=national Areas: Their Roles and Implications in the Long-run
1977 18 Mamoru Kameko Consideration of the Nash Social Welfare Function
1977 17 Atsuyuki Okabe Spatial Aggregation Bias in Trip Disstribution Probabilities : The Case of the Gravity Model
1977 16 Atsuyuki Okabe Some Reconsiderations of Simon's City Size Distribution Model
1977 15 Hiroshi Atsumi A Geometric Note on Global Monotonicity Thorem
1977 14 Mamoru Kaneko The Assignment Markets
1977 13 Atsuyuki Okabe An Expected Rank-Size Rule : A Theoretical Relationship between the Rank-Size Rule and City Size Distributions
1977 12 Hiroshi Atsumi On Proportional Malinvaud Prices
1977 11 Hajime Eto A Formal Approach to the Evaluation of Forecasts
1977 10 Hajime Eto Fuzzy Operational Approach to Analysis of Delphi forecasting
1976 9 Hajime Eto Statistical Methods to Measure the Consensus of Experts Opinions in Delphi Forecasts and Assessments
1976 8 Koichi Mera Population Concentration and Regional Income Disparity: A Comparative Analysis of Japan and Korea
1976 7 Shuntaro Shishido,Naoki Kitayama & Hajime Wago Changes in Reginal Distribution of Population in Japan and Its Implications for Social Policy
1975 6 Haruo Ohnishi An Operational Approach to a Worldwide Temporal Food Allocation and Price Determination Problem
1975 5 Shuntaro Shishido Japan's Role in Future World Economy
1975 4 Koichi Mera Changing Pattern of Population in Japan and its Implications to Developing countries
1975 3 Shuntaro Shishido Administrative Arrangements for Increasing Effective Planning Systems
1974 2 Shuntaro Shishido & Akira Oshizaka An Economic Analysis of the Impacts of Pollution Control in Japan
1974 1 Shuntaro Shishido & Shinyasu Hoshino Economic Planning Techniques in Japan

*DPPS=Division of Policy and Planning Sciences

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