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年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2021 1378 Shin-ichi KANOH, Akiko YOSHISE A New Extension of Chubanov’s Method to Symmetric Cones
2021 1377 Zhijian LAI, Akiko YOSHISE Completely Positive Factorization in Orthogonality Optimization via Smoothing Method
2021 1376 Yuzhu WANG, Akiko YOSHISE Evaluating approximations of the semidefinite cone with trace normalized distance
2021 1375 Masakatsu OKUBO Model Uncertainty, Economic Development, and Welfare Costs of Business Cycles
2020 1374 栗栖慶太 (Keita KURISU), 秋山英三 (Eizo AKIYAMA) パンデミックにおける感染者数と経済ダメージの抑制に最適な人的移動制限率の検討 (Optimal Rate of Mobility Restriction to Control the Number of Infected People and Economic Damage in a Pandemic)
2020 1373 Hidekazu ANNO, Sui TAKAHASHI A decomposition of strategy-proofness in discrete resource allocation problems
2020 1372 島田夏美(Natsumi SHIMADA),黒田 翔(Sho KURODA) 社会工学オーラル・ヒストリー:山本芳嗣(名誉教授 ) (PPS Oral History: Professor Emeritus Yoshitsugu Yamamoto)
2020 1371 Duong Lam Anh TRAN Foreign Direct Investment and Wealth Distribution Dynamics
2020 1370 Cheolmin KANG, Mitsuru OTA, AND Koichi USHIJIMA Benefits of Heavy-Duty Diesel Emission Regulations: Evidence from the World’s Largest Low Emission Zone
2020 1369 島田 夏美(Natsumi SHIMADA),吉田 真聖人(Masahito YOSHIDA),澤 亮治(Ryoji SAWA) oTree を用いた配属システムの設計・構築とその運用(The design, development, and management of a matching system with oTree)
2019 1368 Shin-ichi KANOH, Akiko YOSHISE Centering ADMM for the Semidefinite Relaxation of the QAP
2019 1367 Akira OKADA, Ryoji SAWA The Evolution of Collective Choice Under Majority Rule
2019 1366 村山 透(Toru MURAYAMA) 「時間的都市回遊性」:消費の量的時間制 約で見る都市回遊性と都市形成の分析 (An Analysis of the Effect of Time Constraint on Consumption to Urban Structure)
2019 1365 村山 透(Toru MURAYAMA) 消費の時間制約と都市集積の分析 (An Analysis of Time Constraint and Urban Agglomeration)
2019 1364 Toru MURAYAMA An Application of Two-Constraint Consumption Model: Two goods case with time constraint Revised Version
2019 1363 ZHONG Dai, TAMURA Kazuki, OHSAWA Yoshiaki Spatial Analysis on Accuracy of Travelling Distance on Network
2019 1362 OUYANG Junyan, OHSAWA Yoshiaki Analytical Rideshare Model by Considering Locations of Drivers and Passengers - Why Ridesharing Fell Flat in Local Japan -
2019 1361 讃井 知(Sato SANAI),大山 智也(Tomoya OHYAMA) 社会工学オーラル・ヒストリー:川手昭二(名誉教授) - 前編:社会工学 – (PPS Oral History: Professor Emeritus Shoji Kawate, Part 1. “Policy and Planning Sciences” and Me)
2019 1360 Gaku IGARASHI Nonparametric direct density ratio estimation using beta kernel
2019 1359 Yuzhu WANG, Akihiro TANAKA, and Akiko YOSHISE Polyhedral approximations of the semidefinite cone and their application
2019 1358 Gaku IGARASHI and Yoshihide KAKIZAWA Higher-order bias corrections for kernel type density estimators on the unit or semi-infinite interval
2018 1357 黒田 翔(Sho KURODA) 社会工学オーラル・ヒストリー:石田東生(名誉教授)(PPS Oral History: Professor Emeritus Haruo Ishida)
2018 1356 島田 夏美(Natsumi SHIMADA), 黒田 翔(Sho KURODA) 社会工学オーラル・ヒストリー:川上彰(技術職員)(PPS Oral History: Akira Kawakami, former technical official)
2018 1355 Gaku IGARASHI and Yoshihide KAKIZAWA Multiplicative bias correction for asymmetric kernel density estimators revisited
2018 1354 Masakatsu OKUBO On the Computation of Detection Error Probabilities under Normality Assumptions

*DPPS=Division of Policy and Planning Sciences

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