Discussion Paper Series



年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
1995 662 Yoshiaki OHSAWA,Takeshi KOSHIZUKA Evaluation of Some Orderings of Two-Dimensional Space in Trems of the Correlatio Coefficients of Order-Differences and Distances
1995 661 Hiroyuki Odagiri and Shin-ya Kinukawa The Contribution and Channels of Inter-Industry R&D Spillovers: An Estimation for Japanese High-Tech Industries
1995 660 Hideaki Takagi and Ken-ichi Sakamaki Symbolic Moment Calculation for the Sojourn Time in M/G/1 Queues with Bernoulli Feedback
1995 659 Akiko Yoshise and Hisashi Kato A Note on a Continuation Method for Linear Complementarity Problems
1995 658 Jianming SHI and Yoshitugu YAMAMOTO A Global Optimization Method for Minimum Maximal Flow Problem
1995 657 Peng-Sheng You Airline Seat Management with Muliple Flight-legs
1995 656 Naziruddin Abdullah, Yoshimi Kuroda and Yuji Kubo The impacts of price-support program on farm tenancy patterns, income adjustments and market intervantions: A case of Malaysian rice farming
1995 655 Yoshiaki OHSAWA Errors Caused by Map Projection in the Weber Model
1995 654 Atsuko Ueda A Growth Model of "Miracle" in Korea
1995 653 Atsuko Ueda Measuring Distortion in Capital Allocation - The Case of Heavy and Chemical Industries in Korea -
1995 652 Noriyuki Matsuda HyperScaling : An Interactive Multimedia Data-Collection Tool
1995 650 Hiroyuki Odagiri, Yoshiaki Nakamura, and Minoru Shibuya Research Consortium as a Vehicle for Basic Research: The Case of Fifth Generation Computer Project in Japan
1995 649 Peng-Sheng You Optimal Stopping Problem with Pricing Policy
1995 648 Benjamin Jansen,Kees Roos,Tamas Terlaky and Akiko Yoshise Polynomiality of primal-dual affine scaling algorithms for nonlinear complementarity problems
1995 647 Xiao-Ping Zheng A General Model of Hierarchical Inter-urban Systems: Land Use,City Size and City Number
1995 646 Hideaki Takagi and Seiya Kudoh Symbolic Higher-Order Moments of the Waiting Time in an M/G/1 Queue with Random Order of Service
1995 645 Noboru Sakashita An Economic Analysis of the Transferable Development Rights
1995 644 Yoshimi Kuroda Research and Extension Expenditures and Productivity in Japanese Agriculture,1960-90
1995 643 NAZIRUDDIN ABDULLAH Measuring Malaysian Rice Farming sources of Growth 1980-90: A Translog Cost Function Approach
1995 642 NAZIRUDDIN ABDULLAH Measurement of Biases of Technological Change and Factor Substitutions for Malaysian Rice Farming,1980-90
1995 641 Yoshiaki OHSAWA Tax Competition between Governments
1995 640 石井健一 パソコン普及における諸要因
1995 639 Yutaka Nakamura Skew-symmetric Additive Representations of Preferences
1995 638 Toshikazu Kawakami Effects of capacity constraints and concentration on the pricing behavior in oligopolistic industries with demand fluctuations