Discussion Paper Series



年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2024 1392 Tai-Wei Hu , Mamoru Kaneko Epistemic Logic of Reciprocal Empathy:Surfaces to Deeper Layers and Latent Infinity
2024 1391 寺田海渡、罇 涼稀、竹田俊彦、高野祐一、岡田幸彦 (Kaito TERADA, Ryoki MOTAl, Toshihiko TAKEDA, Yuichi TAKANO and Yukihiko OKADA) 混合ガウスモデルを用いたデータ駆動型企業分類の提案と検証 (Proposal and Validation of Data-Driven Company Classification Using Gaussian Mixture Model)
2023 1390 Hidekazu ANNO Note on Gale’s conjecture in one-sided matching problems
2023 1389 Shin-ichi KANOH , Akiko YOSHISE Post-Processing with Projection and Rescaling Algorithms for Semidefinite Programming
2023 1388 金子守(Mamoru KANEKO)、石川竜一郎( Ryuichiro ISHIKAWA ) A Resolution of the Centipede Paradox
2023 1387 Hidekazu Anno Efficient and Strategy-proof Cardinal Rules on a Restricted Domain
2023 1386 Seizo IKUTA The Integration Theory of Selling Problem and Buying Problem Based on the Concepts of Symmetry and Analogy (ver.001)
2022 1385 罇 涼稀 (Ryoki MOTAI),竹田俊彦(Toshihiko TAKEDA), 今倉 暁(Akira IMAKURA), 櫻井鉄也(Tetsuya SAKURAI) , 岡田幸彦(Yukihiko OKADA) リレーションシップバンキング機能の向上を目的とした中小企業の資金ニーズ判別法とその活用の提案 (Proposal of a Method to Determine the Financial Needs of SMEs and ItsUtilization for the Purpose of Improving Relationship Banking Functions)
2022 1384 Hidekazu ANNO , Sui TAKAHASHI Fair priority-completion in assignment problems
2022 1383 罇 涼稀(Ryoki MOTAI),秦 涼太(Ryota SHIN), 今倉 暁(Akira IMAKURA), 櫻井鉄也(Testuya SAKURAI), 岡田幸彦(Yukihiko OKADA) 財務諸表データを用いた資金ニーズの見過ごしチェックAIの開発(Development of AI to Check for Missed Financial Needs Using Financial Statement Data)
2022 1382 名倉卓弥 (Takuya NAGURA), 秋山英三 (Eizo AKIYAMA) SNSにおけるトピックスの増加が意見の分極化とエコーチェンバーに与える影響 (The effect of topics increasing to opinion polarization and echo chambers on SNS)
2022 1381 Zhijian LAI, Akiko YOSHISE Riemannian Interior Point Methods for Constrained Optimization on Manifolds
2021 1380 黒田 翔(Sho KURODA), 島田夏美(Natsumi SHIMADA) 社会工学オーラル・ヒストリー:川崎由紀子(事務職員)(PPS Oral History: Yukiko Kawasaki, former official)
2021 1379 Mamoru KANEKO A St.Petersburg Market:A Banker with a Budget and People with Cognitive Bounds
2021 1378 Shin-ichi KANOH, Akiko YOSHISE A New Extension of Chubanov’s Method to Symmetric Cones
2021 1377 Zhijian LAI, Akiko YOSHISE Completely Positive Factorization by Riemannian Smoothing Method
2021 1376 Yuzhu WANG, Akiko YOSHISE Evaluating approximations of the semidefinite cone with trace normalized distance
2021 1375 Masakatsu OKUBO Model Uncertainty, Economic Development, and Welfare Costs of Business Cycles
2020 1374 栗栖慶太 (Keita KURISU), 秋山英三 (Eizo AKIYAMA) パンデミックにおける感染者数と経済ダメージの抑制に最適な人的移動制限率の検討 (Optimal Rate of Mobility Restriction to Control the Number of Infected People and Economic Damage in a Pandemic)
2020 1373 Hidekazu ANNO, Sui TAKAHASHI A decomposition of strategy-proofness in discrete resource allocation problems
2020 1372 島田夏美(Natsumi SHIMADA),黒田 翔(Sho KURODA) 社会工学オーラル・ヒストリー:山本芳嗣(名誉教授 ) (PPS Oral History: Professor Emeritus Yoshitsugu Yamamoto)
2020 1371 Duong Lam Anh TRAN Foreign Direct Investment and Wealth Distribution Dynamics
2020 1370 Cheolmin KANG, Mitsuru OTA, AND Koichi USHIJIMA Benefits of Heavy-Duty Diesel Emission Regulations: Evidence from the World’s Largest Low Emission Zone
2020 1369 島田 夏美(Natsumi SHIMADA),吉田 真聖人(Masahito YOSHIDA),澤 亮治(Ryoji SAWA) oTree を用いた配属システムの設計・構築とその運用(The design, development, and management of a matching system with oTree)
2019 1368 Shin-ichi KANOH, Akiko YOSHISE Centering ADMM for the Semidefinite Relaxation of the QAP