Discussion Paper Series



年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2006 1160 Jun NAGAYASU Putting the Dividend-price Ratio under the Microscope: Evidence from Developed Countries
2006 1159 Masakatsu OKUBO Estimating Euler Equations with the Return on Total Wealth
2006 1158 Jun NAGAYASU, Noriko INAKURA Purchasing Power Parity: Further Evidence from Japanese Municipal Data
2006 1157 Jun-ya GOTOH and Akiko TAKEDA Conditional Minimum Volume Ellipsoid with Application to Multiclass Discrimination
2006 1156 Ryo SATO Integrating Information Systems Methodologies into an Engineering Discipline: Methodological Issues, And the Rise of Business Process Engineering
2006 1155 住田 潮、斉藤 晃一、高橋 一樹、小池 雄平、菅谷 健人 音楽CD市場におけるブランド力の構造分析
2006 1154 Jun NAGAYASU Stocks, Consumption, and Wealth: Some Evidence from the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2006 1153 原田信行 中小企業の景気と景況感
2006 1152 Shinichiro OKUSH2006IMA and Makoto TAMURA Multiple Calibration Decomposition Analysis: Energy Use and CO2Emission in the Japanese Economy  
2006 1151 Shinichiro OKUSHIMA and Makoto TAMURA A Double Calibration Approach to the Estimation of Technological Change
2006 1150 Atsushi YOSHIDA, Shingo TAKAGI Physician-Patient Interaction and the Provision of Medical Services Under Different Co-payment Schemes
2006 1149 Junya GOTOH, Hui JIN and Ushio SUMITA Numerical Evaluaion of Dynamic Behavior of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes Modified by Various Boundaries and Its Application to Pricing Barrier Options
2006 1148 Ben YOUSSEF Kais and HOSHINO Yasuo The Influence of Firm Specific Advantages and Entry Mode Choice on Performance: the Case of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in Australia
2006 1147 Eri SHIRATAKI and Ryuichiro ISHIKAWA Suggestive Dominant Strategies in Cheap-Talk Games
2006 1146 Tsunehisa ISE and Ushio SUMITA Structural Analysis of Optimal Investment Strategy with Budget Constraints for Project Management : Real Option Approach
2006 1145 Akihiro HASHIMOTO and Shoko HANEDA Measuring the Change in R&D Efficiency of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry-Revised
2005 1144 Ayami SUZUKA, Ryuhei MIYASHIRO, Akiko YOSHISE and Tomomi MATSUI "The Home-Away Assignment Problems and Break Minimization/Maximization Problems in Sports Scheduling "
2005 1143 Mamoru KANEKO and Jude KLINE Inductive Game Theory: A Basic Scenario
2005 1142 Shinichiro IWATA and Hisaki YAMAGA Resale Externality and Used Housing Market
2005 1141 Shinichiro IWATA and Hisaki YAMAGA Rental Externality,Tenure Security,and Housing Quality
2005 1140 Jun-ya GOTOH and Akiko TAKEDA Conditional Minimum Volume Ellipsoid with Applications to Subset Selection for MVE Estimator and Multiclass Discrimination
2005 1139 Kazuo KISHIMOTO, Akinori GOSHI, Koichi MAEDA, Mitsuyo YAMAMOTO, Takahiro KUBO Downsian Positions of Parties and Districts from the Numbers of Votes with Examples of Japanese Congressional Elections 1983ー2004
2005 1138 JIN Hui, GOTOH Jun-ya and SUMITA Ushio A New Approach for Computing Option Prices of the Hull-White Type with Stepwise Reversion and Volatility Functions
2005 1137 Mong Shan EE , Seizo IKUTA Optimal Stopping Problem with Quitting Offers and Search Cost
2005 1136 Makoto MIZUNO, Akira SAJI, Ushio SUMITA and Hideo SUZUKI "Optimal Threshold Analysis of Segmentation Methods for Identifying Target Customers"