Discussion Paper Series



年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
1982 167 Yoshiko Nogami Exact Rate N-2/3 in the Empirical Bayes Estimation: Case of Retraacted Distributions 1
1982 166 Hajime Eto & Kyoko Makino stochastic Model for Innovation and Resuliting Skeew Disstribution for Technological Cencentration with Verification in Japanese Industry
1982 165 Yoshitugu Yamamoto a Model Based on Retraction for Fixed Point Algorithms
1982 164 Fumio Hayashi The Effect of Liquidity cinstraints on Consumption: a Cross-Sectional analysis
1982 163 Yasoi Yasuda A Fair Cost allocation Scheme o fa Public Project
1982 162 Yasoi Yasuda aaming Model of the Human behavior of Taking Refuge in and Emergency-a Case Study of the Coming Large Earthqake inthe Tokyo Metropolitan Area
1982 161 Ikuo Kabashima income Distribution and Political Participation in the Process of Socioeconomic Mobilization
1982 160 Hirotaka Sakasegawa Stratified Rejection and Squeeze for Generatting Beta Randim Numbers
1982 159 Makoto Ohta & Zvi Griliches Gasoline Price and passenger Car Prices in the United States For 1970-81: Did Cosumers Change Relative Quality Evaluations Among cars?
1982 158 Yoshistsugu Yamamoto & Masakazu Kojima Variable Dimension Algorithms and a Class of Primal-Dual Subdivided manifolds
1982 157 Yoshitsugu Yamamoto Housing as an asset and the Effects of Property Taxes on the Residenial Development Process
1982 156 Isao Ohashi The Structure of Earnings and Separations in Japanse Manufacturing Industries: A Simulataeous-Eqation Approach
1982 155 Sho-ichiro Kusumoto On the Keynes-Wicksell and Neoclasscal Models of Money and Growth
1982 154 Yoshitsugu Yamamoto The 2-Ray Method: A New Varialbe Dimension Fixed Point algorithm with Integer Labelling
1982 153 Yoshitsugu Yamamoto & Masakazu Kojima A Unified Approach to Several Restart Fixed Point Algorithms for Their Implementation and a new Variable Dimension Algorithm
1982 152 Satoru Fujishige A Note Frank's Generalized Polymatroids
1982 151 Yoshitsugu Yamamoto & Masakazu Kojima A unified Approach to Several Restart Fixed Point Algorithms for Their Implementation and a new Variable Dimension Algorithm
1982 150 Yoshiko Nogami Exact Rate N-2/3,in the Empirical Bayes Estimation: Case of Uniform Distributions 1,
1982 149 Satoru fujishige & Noboru Tomizawa A Note on Submodular functions on Distributive Lattices
1981 148 Iwaro Takahashi A Method to Construct Primitive Orthogonal Idempotents by Eigen Polynomials - For Cyclic and Abelian Codes
1981 147 Satoru Fujishige & Nobuaki Tomizawa An Algorithm for Finding a Minimum-Cost Strongly Connected Reorientation of a Directed Graph
1981 146 Yuji Kubo A Model of Urbuan and Rural Growth in a Small Economy
1981 145 Haruo Ohnishi Variable Classification and Geneation of feasible Sets for Barious Estimation Methods
1981 144 Haruo Ohnishi An Economic Approach to the Best in Regression Analysis
1981 143 Noriyuki Mazuda Spatial Configurations of The Brazilian States with respect to Human Migration