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年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2011 1279 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) "FacebookとTwitterの発言における特徴語の比較(Comparing Specialized Vocabulary from Online Messages on Facebook and Twitter) "
2011 1278 Noriyoshi SUKEGAWA and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO "Preference Profile Determining the Proposals in the Gale-Shapley Algorithm for Stable Matching Problems "
2011 1277 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) "マイクロブログTwitterにおける日本人利用者の特徴(Understanding Japanese Users on Microblog Twitter) "
2011 1276 Jia-Ping HUANG and Ushio SUMITA "Evaluation of Cumulative Random Shocks Generated from a Semi-Markov Modulated Poisson Process and Its Application to CDO Pricing "
2011 1275 Kiheiji NISHIDA and Yuichiro KANAZAWA "On the Variance-Stabilizing Multivariate Nonparametric Regression Estimation "
2011 1274 Alberto J. INIGUEZ-MONTIEL "Growth with Equity for the Development of Mexico:Poverty,Inequality, and Economic Growth(1992-2008) "
2011 1273 Alberto J. INIGUEZ-MONTIEL "Income Distribution Dynamics and the Decline of Inequality in Mexico(1989-2006) "
2011 1272 Jia-Ping HUANG and Ushio SUMITA "Dynamic Analysis of a Multivariate Reward Process Defined on the UMCP with Application to Optimal Preventive Maintenance Policy Problems in Manufacturing "
2011 1271 Noriyoshi SUKEGAWA, Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO, and Liyuan ZHANG Lagrangian Relaxation and Pegging Test for Linear Ordering Problems
2011 1270 鈴木勉(Tsutomu SUSUKI)) 既存施設を活用した都市施設の再配置モデル(Facility Relocation Models Utilizing Existing Facilities)
2011 1269 Tomoki FUJII and Ryuichiro ISHIKAWA How Does Childirth Alter Intrahousehold Resource Allocation? : Evidence from Japan
2011 1268 Kenichi ISHII 東日本大地震直後の筑波大学生の行動と意識(Behaviors and Perceptions of Tsukuba University Students after the Japan Earthquake)
2011 1267 Ai TAKEUCHI, Yukihiko FUNAKI, Mamoru KANEKO, and J.Jade KLINE An Experimental Study of Behavior and Cognition from the Perspective of Inductive Game Theory
2010 1266 Jia-Ping HUANG, Ushio SUMITA, Ryo TERAKADO, Takenori YANAGAWA, and Jun YOSHII Development of Algorithms for Estimating Apartment Rents in Metropolitan Area Based on a Combined Micro-Macro Approach
2010 1265 Rina ISOGAI, Satoshi OHASHI, and Ushio SUMITA Analysis of Collateralized Debt Obligation Scheme Applied to Newsboy Problem
2010 1264 Mamoru KANEKO and Nobu-SUZUKI A Measure of Inference in Classical and Intuitionistic Logics
2010 1263 Kyota EGUCHI "Employment Protection and Incentives: Severance Pay vs. Procedural Inconvenience                "
2010 1262 Akiko YOSHISE Complementarity Problems over Symmetric Cones:A Survey of Recent Developments in Several Aspects
2010 1261 Kathryn E. PEDINGS, Amy N. LANGVILLE and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO A Minimum Violations Ranking Method
2010 1260 MATSUDA,Noriyuki and TAKEUCHI,Haruhiko Core and Peripheral Segments of Web Frontal Pages Identified by Network Analysis of Eye-Tracking Records
2010 1259 Daisuke TANAKA and Yuichiro KANAZAWA Bayesian Analysis of the Latent Growth Model with Dropout
2010 1258 Yutaka YONETANI, Yuichiro KANAZAWA, Satoshi MYOJO, and Stephen J. Turnbull A Bayesian simultaneous demand and supply model for aggregate data in a differentiated product market
2010 1257 Kiheiji NISHIDA, Yuichiro J.KANAZAWA "On variable variance-stabilizing bandwidth for the Nadaraya-Watson regression estimator "
2009 1256 桑原史郎 (Shiro KUWAHARA) "Does international knowledge spillover always lead to a positive trickle down? "
2009 1255 山田泰介、佐藤亮(Taisuke YAMADA and Ryo SATO) 流通ビジネスメッセージ標準の分析とSOA環境での取引システム試作

*DPPS=Division of Policy and Planning Sciences

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