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年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2018 1354 Masakatsu OKUBO On the Computation of Detection Error Probabilities under Normality Assumptions
2017 1353 Masaki YAMADA, Masashi KIMURA, Naoki TAKAHASHI, and Akiko YOSHISE Optimization-based analysis of last-mile one-way mobility sharing
2017 1352 Hidekazu ANNO and Morimitsu KURINO Dual Organ Markets: Coexistence of Living and Deceased Donors
2017 1351 Morimitsu KURINO and Natsumi SHIMADA 車両速度の情報開示におけるドライバー意思決定問題実験
2017 1350 河又 裕士(Yuji KAWAMATA), 秋山 英三(Eizo AKIYAMA) 日本のガソリン小売価格の変動において見られるエッジワース・サイクルと店舗価格の同期現象
2017 1349 Gaku IGARASHI and Yoshihide KAKIZAWA Limiting bias-reduced Amoroso kernel density estimators for nonnegative data
2017 1348 河又 裕士(Yuji KAWAMATA), 秋山 英三(Eizo AKIYAMA) 多企業ベルトラン競争における価格変動のカオス遍歴
2017 1347 中野 暁(Satoshi NAKANO), 近藤 文代(Fumiyo KONDO) Multichannel Shopper Segments of Purchase Channels and Media Touchpoints using Single Source Panel Data
2016 1346 Hiromine SAKURAI and Eizo AKIYAMA Bubbles and Information in Continuous Double Auction and Call Market: An Experiment
2016 1345 Gaku IGARASHI and Yoshihide KAKIZAWA Amoroso kernel density estimation for nonnegative data and its bias reduction
2015 1344 Koichi USHIJIMA and Hiroshi KANASUGI The Impact of a High-speed Railway on Residential Land Prices
2015 1343 Hidekazu ANNO and Morimitsu KURINO On the operation of multiple matching markets
2015 1342 Onur KESTEN and Morimitsu KURINO "Do outside options matter in matching? A new perspective on the trade-offs in student assignment"
2015 1341 五十石 俊祐(Shunsuke ISOISHI), 石井 儀光(Norimitsu ISHI) 一次通勤圏で高齢単身・夫婦世帯の持ち家の賃貸活用が進む可能性
2015 1340 Gaku IGARASHI Multivariate density estimation using a multivariate weighted log-normal kernel
2015 1339 Yoichi IZUNAGA, Tomomi MATSUI and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO A doubly nonnegative relaxation for modularity density maximization
2015 1338 Akihiro TANAKA and Akiko YOSHISE LP-based Tractable Subcones of the Semidefinite Plus Nonnegative Cone
2015 1337 Fredah GUANTAI and Yoko KIJIMA Cost of Introducing Multi-Party Elections: Impact of the 1992 Ethnic Violence on Child Health in Kenya
2015 1336 Takahiro TSUJIMOTO and Yoko KIJIMA Effects of Conflict on Child Health: Evidence from the 1990–1994 Northern Mali Conflict
2015 1335 Yaxuan CHANG and Kunihiko YOSHINO Willingness to Sell (WTS): An Incorporative Market Research of Contrastive Testing on WTP, WTS and WTA
2015 1334 Seiken SAI "The Impact of Rising Income Inequality on Rent Distribution␣ in Housing Markets with Indivisibilities"
2015 1333 "Hikoe ENOMOTO, Masahiro HACHIMORI, Shun NAKAMURA, Maiko SHIGENO, Yuya TANAKA, and Masakl TSUGAMI " Pure-strategy Nash equilibria on competitive diffusion games
2015 1332 Qazi M. GHYAS, and Fumiyo N. KONDO The Contribution of Mobile Information Services to Improve the Quality of Young User’s Lives Based on Bottom-Up Spillover Theory: A Case Study on Japan
2015 1331 Qazi M. GHYAS, and Fumiyo N. KONDO Factors towards Intention to Use Mobile Entertainment Services among Young Users: Comparative Cross-country and Cross-temporal Studies 
2015 1330 "Qazi M. GHYAS, and Fumiyo N. KONDO " Behavioral Intention to Use Mobile Entertainment Services among Bangladeshi Students

*DPPS=Division of Policy and Planning Sciences

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