Discussion Paper Series



年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2009 1254 Jia-Ping HUANG and Ushio SUMITA "Development of Computational Algorithms for Pricing European Bond Options under the Influence of Macro-economic Conditions "
2009 1253 A Hyoung KIM and Ushio SUMITA Exploration of e-Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic Products Based on Word-of-Mouth Information
2009 1252 Rina ISOGAI, Satoshi OHASHI and Ushio SUMITA Application of Collateralized Debt Obligation Approach for Managing Inventory Risk in Classical Newsboy Problem
2009 1251 "稲川卓治(Takuji INAGAWA) " "電子回路製造業における設計方法論としてのDFM―サービスとしてのイノベーション・アーキテクチャーによる分析― "
2009 1250 Yasuaki Matsukawa and Akiko Yoshise On Optimization over the Doubly Nonnegative Cone
2009 1248 Satoko RYUO, Keisuke SATO and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO "Parameterized fairness axioms on cycle-free graph games "
2009 1247 SUMITA Ushio and ZUO Jinshui "Impact of Mobile Access to the Internet on Information Search Completion Time and Conversion Rate "
2009 1246 SUMITA Ushio and ZUO Jinshui "Correlated Multivariate Shock Models Associated With A Renewal Sequence AND Its Application to Analysis of Browsing Behavior of Internet Users "
2009 1245 Takao TSUNEYOSHI, Akihiro HASHIMOTO and Shoko HANEDA Quantitative Evaluation of Nation Stability
2009 1244 岡田幸彦・阪本勇樹・岩崎惇・稲川卓治・後美帆 "わが国サービス企業における原価管理実務の実態調査報告 "
2009 1243 Ushio SUMITA and Kazuki TAKAHASHI "Analysis of Brand Characteristics of Music Artists in the CD Market : Case of Japan "
2009 1242 高野 祐一・小川 直哉・角田 淳史・木村 康宏・矢島 洋平 食卓メニューの販売促進効果を考慮した商品陳列決定モデル
2009 1241 Yuichi TAKANO and Jun-ya GOTOH Constant Rebalanced Portfolio Optimization under Nonlinear Transaction Costs
2009 1240 Jun-ya GOTOH,Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO and Weifeng YAO Bounding European-type contingent claim prices via hedging strategy with coherent risk measure
2009 1239 河合亜矢子、福永康人、佐藤亮 サービス・イノベーション分析枠組みによるe-マーケットプレイスの分析
2009 1237 石井健一 携帯電話の高速化は携帯電話利用にどのような影響をもたらしているか
2009 1236 川村 顕、大平 邦明、吉田 あつし 公共下水道事業の効率性と補助金
2009 1235 Akira ICHIMURA and Maiko SHIGENO A new parameter for a broadcast algorithm with locally bounded Byzantine faults
2009 1234 Kyota EGUCHI Employment Protection Legislation and Incentives under Wage Rigidity
2009 1233 Shoko HANEDA, Akihiro HASHIMOTO and Takao TSUNEYOSHI "Evaluating Administrative Efficiency Change in the Post-Merger Period: A Study on Ibaraki Prefecture (1979-2004). "
2009 1232 石井健一 "キャラクター消費とその意識構造 "
2009 1231 張明超,高橋里司,繁野麻衣子 "最大密度部分集合問題と近似2分探索による解法 "
2009 1230 KAWAI ayako, SATO ryo "Impact of Integration of Manufacturaing Planning and Control Systems on Supply Chain Management "
2008 1229 Masakatsu OKUBO   The Intertemporal Elasticity of Substitution: An Analysis Based on Japanese Data
2008 1228 Mamoru KANEKO and J. Jude KLINE   Transpersonal Understanding through Social Roles, and Emergence of Cooperation