Discussion Paper Series



年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2013 1316 Satoshi KABE and Yuichiro KANAZAW Variable Selection in a Bayesian Linear Regression Model via Generalized Bayesian Information Criterion
2013 1315 Song LUO and Mingchao ZHANG Pooling Experiments for Consecutive Positives
2013 1314 Noriyuki MATSUDA and Haruhiko TAKEUCHI Frequent Pattern Mining of Eye-Tracking Records Partitioned into Cognitive Chunks
2013 1313 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) 「SNS利用の比較文化論的研究」調査結果の概要(A Comparative Cultural Study on SNS Use: Survey Summary Report)
2013 1312 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII), 海後 宗男(Muneo KAIGO) Twitterのツイートからみた日本と東アジア諸国のイメージ(Measuring Images of Japan and East Asian Countries on Twitter)
2013 1311 Eizo AKIYAMA, Nobuyuki HANAKI, and Ryuichiro ISHIKAWA "It is not just confusion! Strategic uncertainty in an experimental asset market"
2013 1310 Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO and You ZHOU Characterization of anonymous, weakly monotonic and strategy-proof aggregation functions
2013 1309 Yoichi IZUNAGA and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO A cutting plane algorithm for Modularity maximization with heuristics for separation problem
2013 1308 "Michiko OGAKU " Why do some business firms not rely on financial measures to resolve incentive problems?
2013 1307 Michiko OGAKU Moral hazard and preference for fixed payments
2013 1306 Michiko OGAKU Are the shareholders in Japanese governance mechanisms getting a benefit from the use of annual incentive plans?
2013 1305 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) 「台湾における外国イメージ調査」第一次報告書(A Preliminary Report on “Country Image Survey in Taiwan”)
2012 1304 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII), 小針 進(Susumu KOHARI), and 渡邊 聡(Satoshi WATANABE) 「韓国における外国イメージ調査」第一次報告書(A Preliminary Report on “Country Image Survey in South Korea”)
2012 1303 Satoshi KABE and Yuichiro KANAZAWA Variable Selection for Bayesian Linear Regression Model in a Finite Sample Size
2012 1302 Ayumi IGARASHI and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO Computational Complexity of the Average Covering Tree Value
2012 1301 Kyota EGUCHI "Guilty Conscience and Incentives "
2012 1300 Tomohito KAMAI and Yuichiro KANAZAWA "Understanding Household’s Complex Brand Choice Behaviors:Variety-seeking, Inertia, or Hybrid Behavior? "
2012 1299 Mingchao ZHANG, Song LUO, and Maiko SHIGENO "On the Number of Edges in a Minimum C6-Saturated Graph "
2012 1298 Shiro KUWAHARA "Does International Knowledge Spillover Always Lead to a Positive Trickle Down? "
2012 1297 Shiro KUWAHARA "Dynamical Analysis of the R&D-based Growth Model with a Regime Switch "
2012 1296 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) "スマートフォンは携帯電話の利用にどのような影響をもたらしているか(The Consequences of Smart Phones Regarding Mobile Terminal Use) "
2012 1295 大江 秋津(Akitsu OE) "合併における組織学習と技術知識移転(Organizational Learning and Technological Knowledge Transfer on Merger "
2012 1294 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) "Twitter上のメッセージによる国のイメージ測定ー内容分析とテキストマイニングによる分析(The Measurement of Nation Images Based on Content Analysis and Text-Mining of Twitter Messages) "
2012 1293 Ayumi IGARASHI and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO "Average Tree Solution and Core for Cooperative Games with Graph Structure "
2012 1292 Seiken SAI "The Structure of the Competitive Equilibria in an Assignment Market "