Discussion Paper Series



年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2012 1303 Satoshi KABE and Yuichiro KANAZAWA Variable Selection for Bayesian Linear Regression Model in a Finite Sample Size
2012 1302 Ayumi IGARASHI and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO Computational Complexity of the Average Covering Tree Value
2012 1301 Kyota EGUCHI "Guilty Conscience and Incentives "
2012 1300 Tomohito KAMAI and Yuichiro KANAZAWA "Understanding Household’s Complex Brand Choice Behaviors:Variety-seeking, Inertia, or Hybrid Behavior? "
2012 1299 Mingchao ZHANG, Song LUO, and Maiko SHIGENO "On the Number of Edges in a Minimum C6-Saturated Graph "
2012 1298 Shiro KUWAHARA "Does International Knowledge Spillover Always Lead to a Positive Trickle Down? "
2012 1297 Shiro KUWAHARA "Dynamical Analysis of the R&D-based Growth Model with a Regime Switch "
2012 1296 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) "スマートフォンは携帯電話の利用にどのような影響をもたらしているか(The Consequences of Smart Phones Regarding Mobile Terminal Use) "
2012 1295 大江 秋津(Akitsu OE) "合併における組織学習と技術知識移転(Organizational Learning and Technological Knowledge Transfer on Merger "
2012 1294 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) "Twitter上のメッセージによる国のイメージ測定ー内容分析とテキストマイニングによる分析(The Measurement of Nation Images Based on Content Analysis and Text-Mining of Twitter Messages) "
2012 1293 Ayumi IGARASHI and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO "Average Tree Solution and Core for Cooperative Games with Graph Structure "
2012 1292 Seiken SAI "The Structure of the Competitive Equilibria in an Assignment Market "
2012 1291 Noriyoshi SUKEGAWA, Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO, and Liyuan ZHANG "Lagrangian Relaxation and Pegging Test for the Clique Partitioning Problem "
2011 1290 Masakatsu OKUBO "Earnings Dynamics and Profile Heterogeneity: Estimates from Japanese Panel Data "
2011 1289 Satoshi KABE and Yuichiro KANAZAWA "Estimating the Markov-Switching Almost Ideal Demand Systems:a Bayesian Approach "
2011 1288 Satoshi KABE and Yuichiro KANAZAWA "Another View of Impact of BSE Crisis in Japanese Meat Market through the Almost Ideal Demand System Model with Markov Switching "
2011 1287 Tai-wei HU and Mamoru KANEKO "Critical Comparisons between the Nash Noncooperative Theory and Rationalizability "
2011 1286 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) "タブレット端末の普及要因(Factors Accounting for the Adoption of Tablet PCs "
2011 1285 Koji HASEBE and Ryuichiro ISHIKAWA "Belief Revison for Inductive Game Theory "
2011 1284 Yasuaki MATSUKAWA and Akiko YOSHISE "A Primal Barrier Function Phase I Algorithm for Nonsymmetric Conic Optimization Problems "
2011 1283 Yoichro FUJII and Yutaka NAKAMURA "The Equity Premium and Market Crises in a Static Tree Economy "
2011 1282 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) "韓国ドラマ視聴の要因分析ー対外意識とコンテンツ利用の関連(Factors Accounting for Korean Drama Viewing:Correlation between Content Consumption and Attitudes to Foreign Countries) "
2011 1281 Kyota EGUCHI "Employment Protection Legislation and Cooperation under Relational Contracts "
2011 1280 Kyota EGUCHI "Employment Protection and Incentives:Severance Pay vs. Procedural Inconvenience "
2011 1279 石井 健一(Kenichi ISHII) "FacebookとTwitterの発言における特徴語の比較(Comparing Specialized Vocabulary from Online Messages on Facebook and Twitter) "