Discussion Paper Series



年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2007 1186 Mamoru KANEKO,Henri NZITAT A Critical Consideration of Harsanyi’s Preference Utilitarianism: The Double-Profile Approach
2007 1185 Satoshi MYOJO,Yuichiro KANAZAWA On Asymptotic Properties of the Parameters of Differentiated Product Demand and Supply Systems When Demographically-Categorized Purcahsing Pattern Data are Available
2007 1184 佐藤亮、河合亜矢子 要求スループットを実現するためのビジネスプロセス構成:原理とSCM情報システムへの応用
2007 1183 Mamoru KANEKO,Aniruddha MITRA An Analysis of Discrimination in Festival Games with Limited Access
2007 1182 "金春愛,黄嘉平,住田潮,盧韶南  " マクロ-ミクロ統合に基づく不動産賃料推定モデルの開発
2007 1181 Mamoru KANEKO Social Justice - Considered in Hell : Act 1 and Act 2
2007 1180 Ali Mohammad KOWSAR, Kenichi ISHII The EFFECT of Product Country of Origin an Empirical Study Using Conjoint Analysis
2007 1179 Shogo IWANAGA,Yuichiro KANAZAWA and Shinichiro WATANABE On the Interactive Effect of Personality Traits and Achievement Motive on Customer Orientation
2007 1178 Yoshikazu YUMA, Yuichiro KANAZAWA and Masayuki KUNIYOSHI Evaluating Relative Effectiveness of Training School Programs to Probation on Recidivism of Japanese Juvenile Delinquents
2007 1177 "小池雄平,菅谷健人,住田潮,高橋一樹,平野智章,山本浩平 " アクセスログデータに基づく重要顧客の”リアルタイム”判別
2007 1176 Jun NAGAYASU, Ying LIU Relative Prices and Wages in China : Evidence from a Panel of Provincial Data
2007 1175 Yoshiaki OHSAWA, Naoya OZAKI, Frank PLASTRIA and Kazuki TAMURA Quadratic Ordered Median Location Problems
2007 1174 Joseph P.BYRNE, Jun NAGAYASU The Real Exchange Rate and Real Interest Rate Differential Relation Whilst Accounting for Potential Structural Breaks
2007 1173 Usio SUMITA, Rina ISOGAI Impact of Skeleton Imports on Hollowing Out Production Bases Outside Japan
2007 1172 Usio SUMITA, Kazuki TAKAHASHI Dynamic Analysis of a Reward Process Defined on a Cyclic Renewal Process with Applications to Preventive Maintenance Problems
2007 1171 Mamoru KANEKO and J. Jude KLINE Information Protocols and Extensive Game in Inductive Game Theory
2006 1170 Atsushi YOSHIDA , Katsuo KOGURE, Koichi USHIJIMA "School Choice and Student Sorting: Evidence from Adachi City in Japan "
2006 1169 Akihiro HASHIMOTO, Takeshi SUGITA and Shoko HANEDA Seeing How the Japan’s Quality-of-Life has Changed
2006 1168 Dolf TALMAN and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO Games with Limited Communication Structure
2006 1167 Zhe HOU and Maiko SHIGENO New Bounds on the Minimum Calls of Failure-Tolerant Gossiping
2006 1166 Mamoru KANEKO and J. Jude KLINE Small and Partial Views Derived from Limited Experiences
2006 1165 Naoki WATANABE "Product Renewal by Duopolists:   Consumers’ Tolerance and its Welfare Implications "
2006 1164 Atsushi YOSHIDA and Akira KAWAMURA Who has Benefited from the Health Services System for the Elderly in Japan?
2006 1163 Kazuki TAKAHASHI, Ushio SUMITA "Structural Analysis of Two Person Game with Mixed Strategy for Public Utility Supply "
2006 1162 Makoto MIZUNO and Takahiro HOSHINO Assessing the Short-term Causal Effect of TV Advertising via the Propensity Score Method