Discussion Paper Series



年度 DP NO. 著者名 タイトル
2005 1139 Kazuo KISHIMOTO, Akinori GOSHI, Koichi MAEDA, Mitsuyo YAMAMOTO, Takahiro KUBO Downsian Positions of Parties and Districts from the Numbers of Votes with Examples of Japanese Congressional Elections 1983ー2004
2005 1138 JIN Hui, GOTOH Jun-ya and SUMITA Ushio A New Approach for Computing Option Prices of the Hull-White Type with Stepwise Reversion and Volatility Functions
2005 1137 Mong Shan EE , Seizo IKUTA Optimal Stopping Problem with Quitting Offers and Search Cost
2005 1136 Makoto MIZUNO, Akira SAJI, Ushio SUMITA and Hideo SUZUKI "Optimal Threshold Analysis of Segmentation Methods for Identifying Target Customers"
2005 1135 川西亜矢子、佐藤亮、住田潮 計画情報共有システムを用いるサプライチェーン管理の構造的特徴について
2005 1134 Mong Shan Ee Asset Selling Problem with an Uncertain Deadline
2005 1133 Ayami SUZUKA, Ryuhei MIYASHIRO, Akiko YOSHISE and Tomomi MATSUI Dependent Randomized Rounding to the Home-Away Assignment Problem in Sports Scheduling
2005 1132 Jun NAGAYASU Putting the Dividend-Praice Ratio Under the Microscope
2005 1131 Jennifar Alam and Jun NAGAYASU Prediction of Stock Returns Using the Artificial Neural Network: Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries
2005 1130 Yedong LIN and Akiko YOSHISE A Homogeneous Model for Mixed Complementarity Problems over Symmetric Cones
2005 1129 Nobuyuki HARADA Which Firms Exit and Why? An Analysis of Small-Firm Exits in Japan
2005 1128 Akihiro HASHIMOTO and Shoko HANEDA Measuring the Change in R&D Efficiency of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry
2005 1127 Masafumi TSURUTANI,Masashi UMEZAWA and Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO "Impossibility and Possibility Theorems of Social Choice Function with Restricted Alternative Set "
2005 1126 Nobuyuki HARADA Video Game Demand in japan: A Household Data Analysis -Revised
2005 1125 Mizue OHE, Nobuko IGAKI, Ushio SUMITA Structural Sensitivity Analysis of Voting Behaviors in Public Referendum VIA Simulation
2005 1124 Mong Shan Ee and Seizo IKUTA A Switching Model of Dynamic Asset Selling Problem -the cose of multiple homogeneous assets-  
2005 1123 鈴木秀男、水野誠、住田潮、佐治明 CRMのための優良顧客識別手法の特性評価と財務効果
2005 1122 Junya GOTOH, Ushio SUMITA, and Hui JIN On Evaluation of Dynamic Behavior of Modified Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes with Various Boundaries
2005 1121 Mário Henrique OGASAVARA, Yasuo HOSHINO Implications of Firm Experiential Knowledge and Sequential Investment on Japanese Subsidiaries’ Performance in Brazil
2005 1120 Mário Henrique OGASAVARA, Yasuo HOSHINO The Impact of Ownership, Internalization, and Entry Mode on Japanese Subsidiaries’ Performance in Brazil
2005 1119 金盛長 (金子守) 三途が浦:社会正義について(前編)
2005 1118 Tunglun Tsai, Ryo SATO, Takao TERANO "A Genetic Algorithm with MGG and Demand Crossover to Solve Dynamic Flexible Scheduling Problem"
2005 1117 Jun NAGAYASU Determinants of the Tokyo Stock Price Index: Searching for Explanations of the Depression
2005 1116 Jun NAGAYASU Empirical Analysis of the Exchange Rate Channel in Japan
2005 1115 Yoshitsugu YAMAMOTO and Daisuke ZENKE Outer Approximation Method for the Minimum Maximal Flow Problem